Nairobi Urban Refugees Intervention Appeal

Starting 18 Jun 2024 - Closing 01 Jan 2020

We have 74,750 refugees and asylum seekers residing in Nairobi and nearby urban areas. This is the data as April 2019. Most of these urban refugees and asylum seekers work in the informal sector as casual laborers, petty traders, small business owners and semi-skilled workers. The Kenyan Immigration Act and Refugee Act support the right to work for refugees but with persistently high unemployment rate and poverty level in Kenya, work opportunities, remain scarce. Caritas Nairobi would wish to fill in this gap and provide sustainable livelihoods sources.

Your Donation Will Help Caritas Nairobi to develop the following Interventions.

  • Refugees Economic Solidarity Initiative (RESI)
  • Artist for Refugees project; Promotion of livelihood opportunities for the youth through talent harnessing and nurturing

Target: 1000

Goal: Establishing sustainable Urban Refugees Livelihoods Program


  1. To promote refugee self-reliance through development of refugees’ individual capabilities.
  2. To promote an environment that allows them to access livelihoods opportunities.