Food, water and environment

In Caritas Nairobi Food security and Livelihood program is necessitated by the fact that over 70% of the population within our target areas depend on agriculture and related enterprises. Promotion of food security interventions will enhance opportunities for agro-based value chain actors.


goal I

To Enhance Food Security for over 5000 Beneficiaries

goal II

To improve water and sanitation practices among 3000 beneficiaries

Goal III

To promote climate mitigation and adaptation measures among 5000 small-holders farmers


Milky Project

The dairy sector is one of the main sources of livelihood in Kenya, contributing, 12% of the agricultural GDP, and employing about 1.8 million families and guaranteeing 700,000 jobs. Unfortunately, most milk is sold through informal channels and, as a result, producers earn very little.

The Project aims to develop a quality dairy chain that is sensitive to climate change through interventions on 2000 micro-enterprises in 4 sub-areas of Kiambu, to promote access to credit and support forms of local micro-entrepreneurship


"The Programme has turned over the ability of members in the society to improve their knowledge of food security and has helped them improve their lives."
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