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"Caritas Nairobi Self-Help Programme is in the process of reviewing the effectiveness of its current products and seeking feedback on how best to improve the existing ones and/or introduce new ones. You are encouraged to have an open mind when filling and it is at your own discretion to disclose your identity i.e. name, members number, self-help group etc. You are not limited to the areas covered in this questionnaire and may therefore give any other information that will help the programme in meeting its objective.
For any enquires, comments, compliments, complaints or suggestions please feel free to contact us; ."

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Download a copy of the form below, read through the description and narration, fill it while following the instructions and send it to / Help us serve you better.

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Please fill the google form in the section below. Read through the narration to better understand the form requirements and follow the instructions and help us serve you better.

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