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Caritas Nairobi continues to support development and implementation of gender-sensitive initiatives - addressing inequality, discrimination and vulnerability in an integrated, multisector approach.

About The Programme

There is need for joint interventions promoting both women’s empowerment, but also engaging men in Caritas Nairobi Gender programming. The Programme will also adopt a Gender Based Violence intervention in a multi-sectoral approach within Caritas Nairobi, to reduce violence levels among its beneficiaries. The Gender Based Violence intervention will promote increased awareness of the issue in the community and empowered Referral Persons

Some of the problems to be addressed by Caritas Nairobi are such as unemployment/job creation, empowerment and participation, education and training, mitigation of drugs/substance abuse, and use of information and communication technology by the youth.


Beacon Boys

Turning Boys to Men


Promotion of Micro-Entreprises


Caritas Nairobi Youth Forum

""The Programme has turned over the view of members in the society towards Gender & Youth Based Issues in economic development.."
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