Children’s Homes

For Over 20 years, the Archdiocese of Nairobi has been providing loving Christian homes for children who have no homes.

Rescue Dada Center:

This center located in Nairobi’s Ngara area has been supporting street girls to build a successful life away from the street and hostile environment. Rather than providing long-term institutional care, this institution focus on rehabilitating the girls thereafter reuniting the girls with their families wherever possible.

The rehabilitation process involves counseling, life skills and vocational training. We closely work with their families to ensure that the rehabilitation process is successful. Each year, we rescue up to 70 girls aged between 5-16 years from the street of Nairobi a majority of who are reintegrated with members of their immediate of extended family within 12 month.

Nazareth Joy Children’s Village:

This charitable children institution cares for vulnerable children giving priority to orphans and those infected with HIV/AIDS. Joy Children Village adopts the African family model that appreciates settling 8-9 children into a small family unit.

Each family is headed by a dedicated and trained mother who provides care and affection to her family, cultivating a sense of security needed for the children’s development. Each house has a maximum capacity of nine children. Other centers that Caritas Nairobi supports are Cardinal Otunga Centre for girls, kwetu Home of Peace, Boys Town Centre.