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Kiambu Dairy Project A.I Project

Kiambu Dairy Project (KDP) is a two-year project and it was launched in partnership with Caritas Nairobi, Catholic Relief Services and the County Government of Kiambu being a key stakeholder. The project aims at increasing milk production in Kiambu County, a county that is home to several milk brands. Components of this project are Artificial insemination with gende- selected semen, formation of farmer groups, environmental conservation through indigenous tree planning and energy saving Jikos. Of the targeted 600 farmers, all have been reach, equally, cows that were services with gender-selected semen last year have calved hybrid heifer as expected.


Kiambu County is among regions famous for milk production and is home to several dairy processors. Majority of farmers in this region rely on dairy farming as their main source of income. Reports indicate that Kiambu County has a high population of dairy cows however; the full potential of dairy farming in this county is yet to be realised. Prominent issues to cited as the cause of this underperformance is, lack of price control measures, raise and fall of corporatives, ethical issues surrounding Artificial Insemination and lack of knowledge at the grassroots level.

In an effort to develop dairy enterprises in Kiambu County and inline with Caritas Nairobi Strategic Plan GOAL 1 ‘To enhance self-reliance of 10, 000 targeted households within the ADN’, the agriculture programme launched the Kiambu Dairy Project (KDP) to enhance milk production.

The launch, in partnership with Catholic Relief Services and the County Government, KDP’s main component is Artificial Insemination Services with high quality gender selected semen for the production of hybrid cows capable of producing between 25-35 litres of milk per day. The beauty of this project is that, with the gender selected semen.

Project Goal:

To empower low-income families in Kiambu County with socio-economic stability and food security through sustainable dairy farming.

Project Targets and Timeline:

The two year project targeted 600 households in Kiambu’s Mutunguru, Githobokoni, Gituamba, Ituru and Kiriko.

Project Objectives:

  1. Improve dairy breeds in Kiambu County
  2. To Improved access and delivery of  A.I  services
  3. To improve dairy farming value chains for sustainable dairy production at the grassroots level
  4. To improve fodder management through continuous training and demonstrations activities
  5. To increase farmers knowledge on sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation
  6. Enhance market linkages through the formation of farmers groups.


  1. 600cows, the project’s target for artificial insemination services have been serviced.
  2. 24farmers’ groups have been formed
  3. a fully fledged farmers company has officially been launched- Faidi Farmers Limited Company
  4. More than600 farmers have been trained on sustainable and environmental friendly agricultural practises.
  5. The project’s first heifers have been calved.