Mission, Vision, Core Values:

Mission: To work with strategic partners to continuously advance human dignity and the fullness of life to communities in need, by building and enhancing capacities in self-reliance and provision of humanitarian aid.

Vision: A just self- reliant and value based society

Our Core Values:

  • Solidarity
  • Human Dignity
  • Charity
  • Professionalism
  • Stewardship

Our Model

To build a self-reliant and value based society, our model is based on three pillars:

  1. Catholic Social Teachings
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Micro-enterprise development


There is more to progress than economic growth. Genuine progress must be complete. No one can be left out. No part of anyone can be left out.

“..to be authentic, it must be well rounded: it must foster the development of each man and of the whole man,” Pope Paul VI.

 What we hold dear is the idea that the livelihoods of vulnerable people can and should be supported in ways that restore their dignity as social and conomic actors as opposed to charity recipients.