“I now Own a Hybrid Cow” Samuel Mwangi, 60, in Hawatathi, Gatundu North.

“The Kiambu Dairy Project is transforming the dairy industry at the community level. Farmers are empowered with skills and resources, which enable them to become independent. As a beneficiary of this project I can confidently say that Caritas Nairobi is enabling me realise my dream of large-scale dairy farming.

I am a small- scale farmer practising mix farming. I generate income from selling my farm produce mostly milk and tea. From these, I generate between Ksh.2, 000 and Ksh.4, 000 per month. These earning are meagre, as I am barely able to cater for my needs.

At most, my cow only produces 6 litres of milk per day from which I sell 4 litres at Ksh.25 Shillings per litre. My desire has always been to venture into large-scale dairy farming, but my income cannot afford ,e a hybrid cow that can produce more milk and also calve hybrids. When I learnt about the Caritas Nairobi Artificial Insemination project, I felt relieved because with their assistance, my dream will not be farfetched.

I joined a farmers group and towards the end of August last year, my cow was serviced. The heifer was calved this year. The Caritas Nairobi project has truly renewed my hopes, I am sure that eventually I will be able to produce milk on a large scale. Additionally, the aspect of the farmers groups ensures the sustainability and it places farmers at a higher level to market for supply and negotiate for better prices.”

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