Heifer Project

Caritas Nairobi 2017 farmers day

The Agriculture Programme in 2012 rolled out the Heifer Exchange Programme to give farmers heifers on a loan basis payable in three years once a famer starts earning from the cow through milk sales. The exchange programme was launched with the aim of enhancing peace within the communities.

The essence of this project was to reach out to many farmers therefore beneficiaries commit to passing on the first heifer calved to a new beneficiary in the project. To encourage this, once a farmer passes on the heifer, the loan is halved.

Since its launch, the project has enabled low-income households access high yielding cows , which were beyond their reach. These families have been able to generate income from milk sales.

Project Goal: “To enhance peaceful coexistence through the exchange programme as well as increase income levels”

Project’s Objectives:

  1. To enhance harmony within communities.
  2. To grow income of households through milk sales.
  3. To empower farmers to become self-reliant.
  4. To improve fodder management through continuous training and demonstrations activities.
  5. To improve dairy farming value chains for sustainable dairy production at the grassroots level.
  6. To increase farmers knowledge on sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.
  7. Enhance market linkages by connecting farmers with markets and providing market information.


  • Over 100 families have benefited.
  • Production of milk has increased as well as income levels.
  • Enhanced community participation in church activates.
  • Increased safety nets for over 100 families.