To enhance self-reliance of 10,000 targeted households within the ADN by 2018

>To promote food sufficiency in 500 households annually
>To promote income generating activities in 1000 households annually
>To improve access and subscription to affordable financial services to 4000 households annually
>To develop capacity of existing structures in 20 parishes annually towards the delivery of legal intervention
>To uplift the social economic status of 1000 vulnerable persons annually
>To expand peace building initiatives in four targeted parishes annually towards Sustainable peaceful coexistence


To advance and sustain social justice to 6 vulnerable groups i.e. Women, PWD,PLWHA, Youths, Refugees, People Living in Informal Settlement within the ADN by 2018


To strengthen Caritas Nairobi’s capacity towards sustainable, effective and efficient service delivery by 2018

>To build competent, qualified and motivated personnel by 2018
>To enhance institutional capacity for local funding by 5% annually towards financial sustainability
>To improve the operational structure and infrastructure for efficient and effective service delivery
>To enhance institutional capacity in resource mobilization and expand the targeted foreign catchment area by 10% annually
>To nurture Caritas values through social development in 20 parishes annually