Caritas Nairobi Heifer Project

Heifer Project

This livelihood project loans heifers to vulnerable people who are particularly interested with dairy farming. This project has enabled farmers to access high yielding cows, which have in return enhanced milk production and improved their living standards. The heifer project uses a model that has been tried and tested around the world

Under this project, the loan is spread across three years and as soon as farmers start earning from the loan, they are required to start. Because the essence of this project is to reach out to many famers for sustainable development, beneficiaries must commit to passing on the first heifer calved to a new beneficiary in the project. To encourage this, once a farmer passes on the heifer, the loan is halved.

Famers are trained on livestock management and to promote self-reliance, they also receive resources to expand the cowsheds and feeds in the first three months.

“A gift that keeps on giving” Heifer beneficiary

Nicholas Mwangi, a beneficiary in Kiriko, Gatundu.


“A gift that keeps on giving is what I would term the Caritas Nairobi heifer project. July last year,I received my heifer from Mr. John Waweru who was a direct beneficiary from Caritas Nairobi.When his cow calved he passed it to me. Currently, my heifer is expectant and I am looking forward to passing it on.

From this project, I have not only been able to realize returns from the milk sales but also collected manure which I use in the farm and have enabled me yield better crops.

Through various training sessions organized by Caritas Nairobi, I have learnt a lot on livestock management. My only hope is that more farmers will benefit from this projects. Most people around Kiriko still languish in poverty and this project can really change the situation.”